Co-Curricular Activity

Co-curricular Activity is considered to be the sixth finger of man. Unless talents are recognized in the juvenile period, it goes vain, we as perfect educators promote these activities to mould the sprouting talents of the children. Creativity is the hall mark of a person. Only conscious, progressive training and untiring efforts takes them to the pinnacles of success. The school fosters a high degree of competency in co-curricular activities to develop the overall personality of students.

House system

Attaching each student to a house with specific quality enhances team spirit, motivation and dedication among the students. It also helps to develop healthy competition among the students.

House Name
Rubies Red
Emeralds Green
Sapphires Blue
Diamonds Yellow

Sports Academy

Sports and games are encompassed at ALPHA not just for the benefits of physical fitness but also to increase the self-esteem and mental alertness. It also motivates students and enables them to earn better grades. Other objectives of sports logically include sportsmanship, fair play, team work, respect and health of all students not only during the school years but continuing into adulthood. Special coaching programs are offered before and after school hours for potential performers.

Co - curricular activities

Scouts and Guides
Junior Red Cross
Western Dance Music English Literary Club Tamil Literary Club Hindi Literary Club Hand Writing Expo
Reading Expo Mathematics Club Eco Club Abacus classes Bharathanatiyam Hindi classes
Public Speaking Training KIDSCO, Talent festival NCC SILAMBAM PHONICS SPORTS ACADEMY